A fork from PIVX which was a fork from DASH which was also forked from BTC.
SpectrumX provides PoS/MN blockchain with a 3MB block size that results in close to instantaneous transaction times. Decentralised by Masternodes with 9600000 million coin supply. Max supply is capped at 100 million SPE. 6% stake reward (Of this 6%, 75% will go to masternode holders and 25% to staking 90 second block time. Minimum and maximum stake age is 10 hours & 30 days respectively.

Fast transaction approx. 400 tx/s
DNS hard coded
Super secure
Consensus by masternode
POS 3.0.

Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transaction: InstantSend
Integrated BIP38, multisignature, blockexplorer, wallet repair and multisend functions in wallet

Low transaction fee
Fix "Spent Stake" vulnerability
Deleted all zerocoin features



Masternode amount: 25000.000 SPE
Masternode: 5 SPE
Budget System: 1442 SPEs every 1440 blocks if budget system is ON

Win64 Wallet

Mac OS wallet

2020 Roadmap

Bots & Apps

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